Department of equine clinical sciences

The department of equine clinical sciences  is responsible of teaching clinical sciences concerning equines (horses and donkeys).

RS5829 20180327 faculte veterinaire Sart Tilman Cheval Equide Echographie Fer Clinique Groupe Brixhe-lpr 


he main clinical disciplines include anaesthesiology, surgery, medical imaging, internal medicine and theriogenology).

Teaching is performed through theoretical and practical courses but also via clinical activities performed on patients. These clinical activities take place on the site of the Faculty (Sart-Tilman) (Veterinary Teaching Hospital, CVU) and in shelters.

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Department of equine clinical sciences

President : Stefan DELEUZE

Vice-President : Sigrid GRULKE

Equine animals

Administration office : Sylvie MATHONET & Aurélie ENGLEBERT

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