Individual courses

Conscious communication in medicine and veterinary medicine: approach to interpersonal relationship based on mindfulness (VETE2120-1)

This course  is organized twice per academic year and consists in 4 weekly session of about 2 hours. Each session proposes active individual practices or practices in dyads that will be guided by the teacher and followed by a discussion. These practices aim to train the attention, to develop the meta-attention, to increase self-awareness, non-judgment, non-reactivity and interpersonal awareness. Daily personal practices (15-20 minutes) complete the training. Students (minimum 10 maximum 16) can register after as information session.

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Pathology and necropsies of marine mammals (VETE2046-1)

The main objectives are to familiarize the student with the most frequent causes of death and threats for marine mammals as well as to present conceepts of veterinary pathology for the participation at the practicals (necropsies).

Introduction to the main diseases and pathologies of fish in aquaculture (VETE2113-1)

The goals of the course are as follows: description of the main biological groups responsible for different infectious and parasitic diseases in fresh water fishes, their identification and biological characters. This is followed by the pathogenesis, clinical signs and differentail diagnosis of these diseases as well as their treatment and prophylaxis.
In the end, the student must be able to apply the knowledges to diagnose a specific disease when confronted with a suspicion of infectious or parasitic diseases especially in the context of fish farming.

Animal husbandry and health in southern countries (VETE2112-1)

This course provides the students with basis that will enable them to pursue a personal thinking about stakes and approaches in livestock development in the Global South. The learning activities are composed of seminars and active participation of students in related debates (5h), personal and group works (12h), aiming at producing useful tools for development actors in the Global South, as well as a short volunteering program (25h), immersing the student in activities conducted in Belgium around the course theme, with the students’ club VetoSud and/or other organisations linked to livestock and agriculture development cooperation.

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