The completion of a PhD thesis develops the scientific skills and allows to acquire a training of excellence to the career of researcher. The doctorate opens the door to a scientific career in the private, public or academic sector.


he PhD is the optimal manner to approach the fascinating profession of the researcher, through a training in research. It is also an opportunity to build international collaborations and to evolve with cutting-edge research teams who initiate the progress of tomorrow by developing and creating knowledge.

During this period, the young scientist is supervised by experienced and highly qualified staff who advise and guide her/him in her/his project and her/his specific career choices. The title of Doctor in Veterinary Sciences is obtained after a defense of a thesis containing the results of the research, according to the specific rules of the Doctoral College in Veterinary Sciences.

Doctoral studies are open to holders of the Master's degree. They correspond to 180 credits and therefore last at least 3 years.

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