Scholarships & Awards for Students

Financial interventions of the Province of Liege for students

If you have been living in the Province of Liege for at least two years and wish to study, the Province of Liege can help you. It provides student loans, with or without interest, depending on taxable income, to help you cover the cost of the proposed training.
It does not matter if you already receive an external allowance.

Provincial Scholarship

You are a beneficiary of a study allowance granted by the French Community and residing in one of the municipalities of Walloon Brabant.
Then you can obtain an additional grant from the Province of Walloon Brabant.
Deadline: no later than 31 December of the current academic year.

WBI Scholarships and Internships Portal

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Floribert Jurion Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to contribute to the overseas training of Belgian students, regularly enrolled in a Belgian Faculty with a view to obtaining the degree of agricultural engineer or doctor of veterinary medicine, by facilitating an internship in Third World countries. To achieve this goal, the Fund may:

  •  Cover with its authority the movement of these students, guaranteeing before the authorities of the host countries the exclusively pedagogical purpose of the action undertaken;
  • Contribute to the financing of these students' travel and stays by granting loans or scholarships.

application form for a loan or grant
To be completed by the candidate as well as by the professor promoter leading the work, and must be returned to the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences in six copies before 31 March.

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Scholarships & Awards for young graduates, researchers and assistants

Prizes and scholarships from the ULiège Heritage Foundations

Specialization scholarships may be awarded in the context of a 2nd cycle (complementary Masters) and a 3rd cycle (Doctorate).

It is recommended to define your project early enough, ideally one year in advance. The quality of the project, the candidate's motivation and academic background are decisive.

Several financial supports are offered by ULiège (ULiège Heritage) and by external organisations (Walloon, Belgian, international).

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Edmond Huynen Award for Veterinary Medicine

The Prize is reserved for young research assistants working at the Faculty, to enable them to complete their training in a research establishment outside the French Community of Belgium, under the direction of a promoter.

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Etienne Baise Award

This prize is awarded for scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine. It is intended for a postdoc researcher working at the Faculty.
Deadline: August 31 of each year


District 2160 and Rotary Foundation scholarships

Rotary District 2160 offers scholarships to young graduates and researchers for training and/or research and/or advanced training at a university or institution of higher education abroad.
District 2160 is organizing a competition for the academic year 2024-2025.
Deadline: 04/05/2024

iconeAttention please contact Willy Zorzi, if possible a month and a half before the deadline.



Dubois-Brigué Scholarship for the final year of a doctorate (PhD)

This award is intended to encourage clinical and/or experimental research in the field of Tropical Pathology in the broadest sense. It will be awarded to the author - or authors working in a team - for making a major contribution in this field.
The works, typed or printed, will be written in French, Dutch or English and sent in ten copies.
Three-year price. - Unpublished or published work during the period. - Excluded honorary or full members. - Authors of Belgian or foreign nationality, not having exceeded the age of 45 years. - Authorized sharing.
Closing date: 6 January 2020 - Price: 12,500- euros

Stipendia Academiae Belgicae

The Academia Belgica in Rome puts out a number of Stipendia Academiae Belgicae to tender each year, which may last from one to six months.
The scholarships are intended for researchers of Belgian nationality or officially belonging to the scientific staff of a Belgian university or a Belgian scientific institution who have obtained their 2nd or 3rd cycle diploma, have distinguished themselves by the excellence of the degrees obtained and may submit a research project justifying a stay in Rome for the proposed duration.
Deadline: 30 September of the year preceding the year in which the stay will be carried out in Italy.

Fernand Lazard Foundation

The Lazard Foundation grants interest-free loans to start working life or to carry out specialisation/training abroad.
Submission of the application by February 5 of each year.

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