Department of Morphology and Pathology (DMP)

The Department of Morphology and Pathology includes the disciplines involved in the teaching of the normal macro- and microscopic (Anatomy & Histology) and pathological morphology (Pathology) of domestic and wild animals, including during their development (Embryology).

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he teaching activities cover the second and third years of Bachelor's degree (Anatomy, Embryology & Histology) and the three years of Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine (Pathology).

The Department is involved in multiple research activities, focusing in particular on the isolation and applications of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine, the cryopreservation of cells, gametes and embryos, the preservation of genetic resources in poultry, the locomotor system of the horse, the digitalization of histological and histopathological slides, or the elucidation of host-pathogen interactions.

The department has 4 laboratories:

  • Anatomy
  • Histology and Embryology
  • General pathology
  • Special pathology
Department of Morphology and Pathology

President : Mutien-Marie GARIGLIANY

Vice-president : Nadine ANTOINE

Administration office : Nathalie GUILLAUME

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