Department of infectious and parasitic diseases

The seven sectors of the department of infectious and parasitic diseases (DMI) are involved in veterinary public health in agreement with the One-Health concept.

FMV DMI large

In addition to teaching, its members are deeply involved in research activities focusing on host-pathogen interactions, the study of the immune response, vaccine development, resistance to antimicrobial agents, phage-therapy, wildlife diseases and epidemiology of (re)emerging diseases. The applied and fundamental researches performed by its members are at the origin of publications in highly prestigious journals and patents. The department is producing on average 6 PhD per year. Several members of the DMI are the laureates of prestigious scientific award.

The department has 8 laboratories :

  • Bacteriology and Pathology of Bacterial Diseases
  • Epidémiologie et Analyse de risques appliquées aux sciences vétérinaires
  • Immunologie - Vaccinologie
  • Mycologie vétérinaire
  • Parasitologie et Pathologie des maladies parasitaires
  • Santé et Pathologies de la Faune Sauvage
  • Vaccinologie
  • Virologie vétérinaire et Maladies virales animales
Department of infectious and prasitic disases


Vice-president : Laurent GILLET

Administration office : Christina ESPERT-SANCHEZ, Audrey DEPAS & Cécile RODE

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