At the faculty level, the student secretariat is at your disposal at all times for any type of assistance, whether it be related to the creation or follow-up of your course, the timetable of courses, practical activities or examinations, the establishment of internship agreements, or any personal or medical problems encountered during your studies.


t the institutional level, the Student Life Support Service is available to all students throughout the year.
It also offers support in case of special situations and can refer to specialised external services.

This service can be useful in various circumstances:prepare an application file for the rental of a room on the university site;

  • receive financial assistance, a loan on a scholarship from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or a reduction in the registration fee;
  • inform and carry out with you all the steps in terms of study allowances, mutual insurance, family allowances, defence of the tenant's rights, request for assistance from a CPAS, etc;
  • listen and advise in case of personal or family problems.

If you have any doubts about your future financing, especially when creating your EAP, you are strongly advised to contact the department concerned by email.

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