The Spring and Summer Summer Preparatory Courses are designed for students who wish to get a head start by working before they enter university on the various upheavals they will face during this upper secondary transition.


tudying at university means that you will be confronted with a type of teaching, a volume of subjects and a very different pace of work from those you experienced during your secondary education. It is therefore important to be prepared for these changes.

In addition, starting studies in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine requires a solid background in science during your studies in secondary education. Indeed, the basic science courses (biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics) will occupy a particularly important place in your first year curriculum and will constitute the subjects targeted by the competition.

To help you understand the new requirements of the subjects that await you, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science, offers you preparatory activities.

These preparatory activities will allow you to fill in the gaps or reactivate the subject areas that you must master before starting your university career. They will also allow you to develop important skills such as self-assessment and independence. Finally, these activities are a great opportunity to get to know the university, its framework, its requirements, its teaching methods, its evaluation methods and to meet the professors and pedagogical assistants who will supervise you during your first year.

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