The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offers numerous EBVS residency and internships programmes. Residents and interns are involved in clinical education and supervision of the undergraduate students at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


he undergraduate students are involved in the first-line approach : history, general examination, proposition of complementary tests, performing basic complementary tests and/or therapeutic (medical or surgical) procedures under a veterinary supervision, preparing the written report to the referring veterinarian.

Interns and residents act as veterinarians : checking and supervision of the students’ tasks, final decision on the work-up and performing the more advanced complementary tests and/or therapeutic (medical or surgical) procedures under direct supervision of a EBVS specialist as well as final communication with owner and referring veterinarian.
Interns complete this part of the job for first-line cases, and help residents in performing their job for specialised cases.
Residents and interns continuously teach the students throughout the case management in addition to the senior.


Specialised master in Veterinary sciences : clinical internship

University certificate IN Oriented veterinary internship

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