A decree introducing a limitation on the number of veterinary medicine students was adopted on 13 July 2016 by the Parliament of the Walloon Federation Brussels.


rom now on, to access Bachelor's Block 2, students will have to sit a competition at the end of the first academic year, regardless of the institution in which they are enrolled (ULiège, ULB, ULouvain or UNamur). A limited number of 250 certificates of access to Bachelor's Block 2 are therefore issued annually to students at the end of their Block 1 for the entire FWB (105 for the University of Liège), which will effectively limit the number of master students. The competition for the end of the 1st Baccalaureate is organised once a year, at the end of the 2nd quarter. Each student is entitled to enter the competition twice, consecutively.

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updated on 5/7/24

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