The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège is the only institution in French-speaking Belgium offering all the training (baccalaureate and master's degree) leading to a diploma in veterinary medicine.



he Faculty of Veterinary Medicine also organizes other training courses. Some of these are clinical and exclusively reserved for the holder of the diploma in veterinary medicine: this is the master's degree in veterinary sciences (clinical internship) and several certificates (in-depth internship, orthopaedics and revalidation of equidae, dentistry of equidae). Other training courses are open to a wider audience and cover non-clinical areas.  They are organised in the form of specialisation masters (Integrated Health Risk Management in Southern Countries, Food Sciences, Emerging Diseases) or certificates (Food Safety Management, Food Chain Control, Beekeeping, Expertise). Doctoral training in veterinary science (60 credits) is the first step in a doctorate.

Our faculty also participates in masters and masters of specializations organized by other faculties of the University of Liège (e.g., master of specialization in aquatic resource management and aquaculture, master of innovation and food design management) to which holders of bachelor's or master's degrees in veterinary medicine have access.

Our training courses

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