Garden party

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The purpose of this event is to welcome new students to the Faculty at the beginning of the academic year. This activity is carried out in close collaboration with the students. Thus, it is a unique opportunity for newcomers to meet the entire faculty community in a festive and friendly atmosphere.


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The purpose of this annual meeting is to promote social life and scientific research within the Faculty and to increase internal interactions about the different research themes. It is also the opportunity to prepare a scientific presentation in the form of a poster or oral presentation. Finally, it is also an opportunity to present students with career opportunities in the Faculty (clinical and research). The abstracts of the presentations are published in the form of a proceedings.

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Seminars are regularly organized

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VT Challenge


The aim of this event is to strengthen intra-faculty team spirit and contacts between all the Faculty's stakeholders (Students, Administrative, Technical and Labour Personnel, Academic Staff and Scientific Personnel). The VT challenge consists in bringing together several teams through sports, cultural and entertainment events.  Each team is composed (by drawing lots) of women and men, students and faculty members.

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Open Doors Day

Every year, open doors are organised at the University of Liège so that future students, secondary or higher education students and parents can discover the training, student life and the different facets of the profession. Thus, each year, several hundred visitors discover the faculty and meet different staff members in charge of their future training.

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Proclamation and Gala of Graduates


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French-German Summer School

The Franco-German Summer School for the Promotion of Veterinary Sciences (FGSVS) aims to promote the scientific development of highly qualified trainees in order to foster and stimulate research and collaboration between veterinary education institutions teaching in French and German.

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