The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine conducts research with direct applications for society. For example, the Faculty's researchers focused on issues related to the improvement of animal production, infectious diseases (some of which, such as rabies, are particularly important in a public health context), the safety of the food chain, ...

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n addition, the Faculty conducts high-level fundamental research that ensures its national and international reputation. In 2016, the faculty strategic plan identified 6 priority research areas :

  • infectious diseases
  • food safety
  • animal production
  • translational veterinary medicine
  • modeling and
  • aquaculture

Six strategic priorities centered around a federative theme, the "One Health" theme

According to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the definition of One Health refers to a collaborative effort between multiple professions in the medical sciences that, together with their respective disciplines and institutions, contribute to the locally, nationally and globally, to achieve optimal levels of health for humans, domestic animals, wildlife, plants and the environment (OIE, 2013). This initiative aims to achieve a level of synergy between different disciplines to improve overall health care in the 21st century by accelerating biomedical discoveries, improving the effectiveness of public health measures, increasing knowledge scientists and improving training and medical care. This strategy aims to save millions of lives now and for future generations.

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