Georges Daube, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

G.Daube 1000


he training of veterinary medicine is fascinating. While it seems to lead to an extremely framed profession aimed at treating animals, it opens up many unsuspected perspectives. The doctor in veterinary medicine has learned to observe, to feel, to touch, to awaken all his senses to integrate a multitude of signals.

This set of elements is integrated, sometimes even unconsciously, with a mass of knowledge and reasoning that leads to a diagnosis, a prognosis and a treatment proposal. Having trained in this process in multiple species and contexts for six years, this professional has a unique background that he can value throughout society.

These studies are difficult, it should not be denied, but the effort is really worth it.

The entire faculty staff works daily in an exceptional and unique facilities, recently renovated to generate professionals and researchers of tomorrow to the health and welfare of animals without neglecting public health.

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